Zirconia Ceramic Ball For Grinding Pigments

Zirconia Ceramic Ball For Grinding Pigments
Item: Zirconia Ceramic Ball Product Name: Zirconia Ceramic Ball For Grinding Pigments
Descriptions: The raw materials is fine zirconia powder, use spray granulation, cold isostatic forming, high temperature sintering, precision polishing and other productive technology to manufacture. With high toughness, high-density, high strength, high wear resistance and chemical stability, non-polluting products, grinding efficiency. The zirconia ceramic ball is used in ceramics, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, paint, high-grade paint, magnetic materials, special powder grinding.
1. density ≥6.05g/cm3
2, With the low wear (ppm) amount to prevent the powder contaminated..
3, Can be used for high viscosity, wet grinding and dispersion of the occasion.
4, Increase the high grinding efficiency.
5, With the extremely long service life, Save the operating costs.

White precision zirconia ceramic ball bead media for grinding machine