For Furnace Ceramic Sleeve

For Furnace Ceramic Sleeve
Item: Furnace Ceramic Sleeve Product Name: For Furnace Ceramic Sleeve
Descriptions: Heat-resistant ceramics is used for testing laboratory and a variety of Ceramic Crucible . Alumina ceramic crucible is a kind of refractory ceramic. It can be made into many shapes. Alumina ceramic crucible is applied to firing phosphor powerrare, earth materials, precious metal materials and roasting ceramic capacitor NTC of high, middle, low rank etc. It’s a best container for roasting high temperature resistance chemical material such as LiMn2O4 powder and cobalt acid lithium powder.


1. High chemical etching resistance..
2. High temperature up to 1800°C
3. Resistant to sudden cold and hot, un-explosive.
4. High density of slip casting.
5. Various kinds of shape